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From award winning Fintech solutions, international gaming platforms to sophisticated DeFi Lending protocols, our teams ability is extensive and road tested.

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Our Investment Approach

We invest in tech projects with capital, sweat equity, and consultancy services. We align with your vision to turn groundbreaking ideas into profitable ventures  

Build with Us

We meticulously build our own tech projects, open for co-investment, and extend our expertise to build bespoke solutions for paying clients

Launch Strategy

We offer comprehensive consultancy and advisory services to ensure a successful market entry and sustainable growth

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Feel free to pitch your idea online or set up a call with one of our Skunkworks Assessment Team. We love to brainstorm new ideas!


Building Success Together

Explore our portfolio of past and present projects  

Riddec VS Portfolio Olybet


Developed tech stack Bonus engine for largest gaming operator in Baltics resulting in 10x user retention
Riddec VS Partner Portfolio Betr


Tech stack Peer-to-peer, decentralised sports betting platform


Front end development of crypto trading platform.
Riddec VS Portfolio EU Comission

European Commision

Language app Established in 20 countries. 40 academics in multiple universities involved providing 18 languages for students education.
Riddec VS Portfolio CoolBet


Built full tech stack for international iGaming platform that sold for 175M
Riddec VS Portfolio Versus


Tech stack for Spanish sportsbook & casino platform
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Office 609, Makateb Building, Port Saeed, Dubai, UAE


Kalson Towers, Nairobi West District, Nairobi, Kenya


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What is a Venture Studio?

Venture Studios, also known as Startup Studios, stand at the forefront of innovation, uniquely specialising in the creation, development, and scaling of new startups. Unlike traditional venture capital firms, a Venture Studio is actively involved in generating startup ideas, allocating resources, and building dedicated teams for each venture. Our approach combines market research, industry expertise, and hands-on development to transform nascent ideas into thriving businesses. From securing initial funding to executing exit strategies, Venture Studios offer an all-encompassing ecosystem for entrepreneurial success.

At the heart of our innovative approach to launching startups is our unique ‘Skunkworks’ assessment process, a rigorous and thorough method to evaluate new projects and ventures. Here’s how it unfolds:

Step 1: Individual Assessment

Our process begins with a team of three specialised assessors/analysts who delve deep into the intricacies of each project. They employ a comprehensive scoring system covering six key domains: Market Potential, Product Viability, Competitive Landscape, Scalability Prospects, Resource Availability, and Return on Investment (ROI). This multifaceted analysis ensures a well-rounded understanding of the project’s strengths and challenges.

Step 2: Collaborative Deliberation

Following individual assessments, our experts come together for a dynamic discussion. In this phase, they compare and debate their scores, each bringing their unique perspective to the table. This collaborative approach allows us to refine our understanding and reach a well-informed consensus on the project’s viability and strategic direction.

Step 3: Comprehensive Reporting

The culmination of our process is a detailed report that encapsulates our findings. This report includes a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and a financial projection, covering profit & loss and cost implications alongside any identified risks.

Although we have invested in projects in the past it’s not our approach. We prefer to partner with credible teams and offer our resources for equity. Many projects struggle to get off the ground and often need muscle to help get started. We can help build and launch products therefore our partners must bring skills and experience that complements to ensure a successful delivery.

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