Our team is not only focused on developing in house tech products we provide custom solutions for our selective clients too. 

To date, we have successfully delivered over 100 projects for large corporations and government entities.

With a global team of 40 experts who have over decades of combined experience in tech, we know exactly what it takes to build and launch technology successfully.

Projects we have built


Cross-chain DeFi Lending protocol that redistributes 100% of value captured back to users


Full stack access control security system for real estate developer.

Commodity supplies

Whitelabel supply chain solution that improves efficiency for all stakeholders resulting in huge cost reduction.


Bespoke event concierge service in which event organisers can manage their clients every need from the moment they land at the airport to the moment they leave to the hotel all in one app.


Payment processor bridging traditional fintech with blockchain


An idle steam pump themed farming game that users put their hamsters to work to earn crypto assets.