Riddec’s 2023 transformation into a Venture Studio ignited a passion for nurturing innovation. We invest our capital and resources to develop innovative technologies.

Open to investments and joint ventures from like-minded partners, we can amplify our collective resources and expertise to propel innovation forward. 

Our seasoned team offers invaluable guidance to our portfolio projects, aligning our interests with theirs to navigate market complexities and maximise each venture’s potential.

Projects We Invested In


Tech stack Telegram Mobile Casino Bot


A Fiat borrowing platform in which you can lend your crypto assets.


Joint Venture techstack for iGaming platform built with Kenyans for Kenyans


An idle steam pump themed farming game that users put their hamsters to work to earn crypto assets.


A digital health platform that connects patients with the right medical practitioners whilst involving their insurance providers and pharmacies all from their mobile. Riddec invested and now supports this project.


Payment processor bridging traditional fintech with blockchain